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Patients often seek alternative therapies after suffering with a condition that has been unresponsive to conventional medicine. Some patients have reached an impasse, while others have become tired of the symptomatic relief, such as drug treatments, and seek a more permanent fix. Because these patients have often undergone other forms of treatment, their conditions have frequently become convoluted in such a way as to hide the real cause, thus making their specific illness much more difficult to track. In situations such as these, the body often shows changes that are in fact not the cause of the condition, but simply the reaction to the problem.

Diagnosis of these patients takes a skillful eye, extensive experience, and a great deal of care. Patients who have become trapped in their illnesses and symptoms frequently develop emotional patterns surrounding their condition that affect their entire existence. Often they have spent great sums of money without benefit. They have become frustrated, and in many cases, angry and/or depressed. They simply want their lives back the way they were before the illness; a difficult case for doctors and patients alike.

With over thirty years of patient care, D. Tobin Watkinson has spent much of his time caring for patients in just the above-described predicament, leading him to pursue a system of preventative medicine. "I finally threw my hands up and said, 'I need to get to root of my patients' medical problems. I need to get to the problems before they get to the patient. I need to be able to treat the cause to prevent their deteriorating health'."

It was with that desire in mind, I launched a quest to find the common denominator among these complexly ill patients. I started by looking at functional tests that could help to show the changes before they led to disease. I looked for analysis that was medically accepted, backed by published medical literature, and supported clinical trial. I looked for tests that addressed the natural order of the body which could be monitored inexpensively, and which were non-invasive so as not to cause discomfort or embarrassment for the patient.

The next step was to find tests which provided different kinds of information, so as the patients are treated I could not only see the immediate changes, I could also track the changes in a multi-dimensional manner across all the tests.

I am happy to say after several years, a great deal of research, and a large sum of personal investment, I feel confident I have achieved the model I had been in search of, and continue to strive for the results I desire for all of my patients.